Former police officer turned deputy governor, Shana Akers is used to handling high-stakes situations.

But after learning that a space shuttle mission about to be launched from her island home may have a shocking secret agenda, she must turn for answers to the man who has challenged her mind and emotions for years.

Scientific genius and space center director, Adam Desai, is a truly self-made man. Found adrift at sea as a baby, he knows nothing about his origins until two VIPs attending the launch force him to confront the truth about his past, changing everything Adam has ever believed about himself.

Faced with a danger that threatens the entire world, can Adam and Shana find the strength to trust not only each other, but the mysterious VIPs whose unusual abilities defy logical thinking? Especially when it becomes clear that they’ll need all of their combined resources to reclaim humanity’s… BIRTHRIGHT


I started reading hoping it would be a good read for a snowy weekend and wound up not putting it down until I finished. Looking forward to reading a sequel if one comes out. I also like Ms. Parv's style and will buy other books by her. Note the 5 stars. I do not give them lightly. A book really has to be a winner for me to rate it this high!   [Kathi Harris, Amazon]

"Awesome. Birthright was a wonderful tale where I got sad because it's over, but I'm so glad you'll be continuing their adventures" [Vanessa Taylor, Facebook]

This was a seriously engaging book with many unexpected twists. The mix of characters were excellent and the tale outstanding. Parv gives us an effective, entertaining, and deeply satisfying take on science fiction. [Mike D. Amazon]

"Valerie Parv weaves fact with fiction so believably,
you'll swear this actually happened"

[A A Bell, multi-award-winning author of the 'Diamond Eyes' trilogy]

Parv naturally fuses romance with a deep background of science fiction elements. For anyone looking for a good sci-fi title, Birthright is an adventure born of suspense, romance, and intellect. [Artimatic, Amazon]



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"A fantastical tale...Valerie Parv leaves you wanting more" [Erica Hayes, international fantasy author]

I hope there will be more books involving these characters cuz it feels like just the beginning, and I want more. NancyB [Amazon]

Filled with multi-dimensional characters, this book was intense, romantic, and extra-terrestrial all at the same time. By combining these genres, Parv has created a wonderful book that will definitely entertain you. [Iroger, Amazon]

"I wasn't able to to get Birthright at my local store in Canada.
I couldn't wait and downloaded it to start tonight ."

"Valerie Parv takes us through the twists and turns with panache and skill,
and grips the emotions nicely right until the end. Five stars."
[Fiona Marsden]

5.0 out of 5 stars from Desere Steenberg
reviewed on Goodreads on December 6, 2012
This was a romantic suspense like no other I have read before. The character of Adam, who by the way was found floating in the sea as a baby( I kid you not),was rather remarkable considering that he has not had a too easy life and has no idea where he actually came from,but he has made himself into the kind of man anyone looks up to as did I as reader.

But then the author brought into play Shana and some top VIP's with fascinating news and the game plan changed and the book got really interesting. Think top secret space shuttle missions, truth of unknown origins being revealed, trust being build and a race to save humanity.

Yes the book had it all. The author did brilliant characterization for all main characters and secondary ones. The author weaved a story from another world that took me as reader to the other side so to speak.

I loved how passionate and emotionally personal the author made the book, to the point that I was thinking "Is the author in the room with me?" as I can swear I can her her typing away at the this one!

The plot was at first a bit hard to get use to but I got use to it once I could pick up that the author has a few tricks up her sleeves and there is a whole lot more behind this than at first glance. Even if your not into space,romance or suspense for that matter this is the book that will take you to a new high.

I was however expecting a bit of a different outcome but even with the one I received I was blown away,as I said the author has some interesting tricks up her sleeve and that is what will leave you with a memorable read. Very well written and one for the keepers shelf.

5 out of 5 stars by By Laura Hamby
reviewed on Amazon on April 13, 2014
Birthright by Valerie Parv is a fun read from start to finish. Couldn't possibly go wrong with aliens, a bright orange cat named Lurid, intrigue, suspense, a little bit of romance, bad guys, and Star Trek references. Can't wait for the next installment.

5 out of 5 stars by Jay Mittiner
reviewed on Amazon on February 28, 2014
This is my first Valerie Parv book and I'll be back for more. I thoroughly love her writing style and found this book to be engaging, well edited, and well conceived.

The way that Parv was able to mingle romance with suspense was really well done. I fell in love with Adam first and was a little offended when Shana came into the picture, as if Adam belonged to me!

I think that the plot was one that you really couldn't see coming even when you are in the middle of it, the author had some great twists and surprises along the way that helped the story be the engaging treat that it is. I love Adam's profession and the fact that Shana holds a lot of his keys. This is a very readable, memorable, and enjoying read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

4 out of 5 stars by By John J. Staughton
reviewed on Amazon on February 28, 2014
What starts out as a relatively simple novel with a clear direction quickly becomes a tangled and fascinating story that draws the reader to perpetually turn to the next page. The subtle blend of the supernatural with a majority of real, rational events leaves the reader unsure of what sort of world he is reading about. I think the character development, although slow at first, was drawn out in a perfect way, unraveling as the plot did. It was a simultaneous growth of my affection for the characters and my intrigue with the novel, which is not an easy thing to do for most writers.

It was balanced and filled with enough mystery and uncertainty to make it almost impossible not to guess as you read along, working to solve puzzles and confusing connections a few pages before the author pulled back the curtain. My only critique is that some of the characters didn't seem to fill their roles or contribute to the overall plot as much as I expected. While there are always lead characters and foils, I felt myself confused by how much I cared or knew about one character that didn't necessarily end up being all that significant. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Parv's skill and wide range of knowledge, making this book a mixture of many genres. It was a sci-fi, romance, mystery thriller that truly kept me on the edge of every word. I will definitely be reading more work by Parv in the future.

4 out of 5 stars by by TashNz
WOW! SENSORY OVERLOAD (in a fab way)
reviewed on Amazon on December 9, 2012
How do you explain that a book "has it all"?
In this case I think Birthright has it all! Romance, action, suspense, sci-fi, mind-reading, drama, good vs bad, cars almost going off cliffs, happiness, sadness (the sadness you feel when you know the last page is coming and you don't want it to) back to happiness (knowing this is the first of three book series). My sensors were in overload, I loved it! I couldn't put Birthright down, I was almost cursing it was Christmas because I have so much to do when all I wanted to do was find a corner and keep reading. As I was reading Birthright it felt like I was there as a third party watching everything unfold. For me I think this is an incredible feat for a author.

I loved all of the characters, even the bad ones. They were all richly written. I was drawn to them all from the very beginning and it was not too long before I realised that all these people are special in an unusual way. Adam was likable from the start and as I was swiftly drawn into the vortex of the story I wanted to learn his story... his and everyone else's. I really liked how Adam was such an intelligent character. Shana is Adams match. From her first introduction in the story I knew she was someone special and to keep an eye out for her.

It's so hard to write my feelings on this story without giving anything away. I can not wait for the next two stories. I recommend you give Birthright a try if you love this type of genre OR if you want to try something different from the mainstream, you will be richly rewarded. I feel I was :)